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Bob's Quick Buck Saws

Bob Dustrude's
been making his Quick Buck Saw, right here in Minnesota, USA for many decades now. Bob himself is well into his 90's and shows no sign of slowing down!

You can try hard to do it, but I'm here to tell you, you'll never find a better collapsible quick buck (or bow) saw than the one Bob makes. 

This saw is everything you'd ever need in a camp saw. Do yourself a favor and get one, because you'll have it for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Some of the benefits you'll experience with Bob's Quick Saw:

  • You can put the saw together with one hand (important feature for wilderness campers), which means you can still assemble and operate the saw with a broken arm or hand.
  • Saw body is extruded aluminum, for a stable, rock-solid construction that does not bend, bow or warp.
  • Simple snap-in-place blade, uses a leveraging-design to give you perfect blade tension, for superior cutting.
  • Packs and folds flat--you can carry this in or on your pack, for ultimate portability.

You can get this saw in three different sizes, as shown below. Have a good, safe time, in the woods!