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  • The Three Dog DX steel stove, shown here with optional water jacket. One side shelf, as shown, is included with your stove as "standard equipment". You can order a second side shelf as an option when you complete your order.
  • Here's another look at the diverter and airtight gasket design on your stove door. Having an airtight door means you can damper down your fire, and make it burn longer and steadier--meaning a better night's sleep, with less stoking the fire!
  • Here's a view of the door, closed and sealed tight. See how nice that fiberglass gasket sits in the door? That makes for a true airtight seal.
  • Inside the firebox, you'll see this baffle design, welded into the firebox. What this does is divert the flame across the top of your stove box, preventing the flame from going straight up your stovepipe. This design makes your stove heat better, and gives you a nice "hot spot" for cooking. Truly, this gives you stove more versatility as a cook stove, and heats better than anything in its class.
  • Here's a look at the diverter screen, which reduces the risk of sparks coming from your stove, but really shines in its ability create turbulence and burn more wood gasses in your stove. This design makes your Four Dog more efficient than other stoves in its class.
  • You want a true airtight door on your wall tent, or camp stove. I only make airtight doors, and you'll see the improvement that makes in your ability to control your fire's heat output--plus, it makes for a safer stove.

Three Dog DX Camp Stove

48.00 LBS


Product Description

Three Dog DX Steel Camp Stove


Stove specifications:

  • 12 1/2” wide x 11 1/2 “ tall x 24” long (2.0 cubic foot fire box)
  • 5" flue opening for 5" stove pipe.
  • Will heat up to a 10’ x 12’ wall tent, 12’ x 12’ pyramid tent at minus 30 below F
  • Includes transport handles and one removable side shelf as standard equipment
  • 12” removable legs to keep your heat down where it belongs
  • Welded heavy-gauge hot rolled steel construction
  • Airtight fiberglass-gasketed door
  • Large fire box, baffled to reduce heat loss & aid in cooking
  • Suitable for wood or charcoal
  • Excellent cook stove, due to internal baffle that creates even heat
  • Painted black with high temperature stove paint
  • Will hold a fire all night--less stoking means a better night's sleep!
  • Legs, stove pipe, side shelf & water jacket store in fire box for transport
  • Excellent for wall tents, tipis, yurts & canvas tents.
  • Often copied, but never duplicated--I've been building these for nearly 30 years now
  • Handcrafted in the USA, not imported!
  • USA sales only (due to shipping weight limits & customs brokerage rates)
  • Because of customer complants of high UPS brokerage rates to Canada I will no longer be shipping Three Dog Stoves to Canada.

5 Reasons to Get a Three Dog DX Steel Stove: 

1. MORE EFFICIENT HEAT: True airtight door with a high temp gasket for a air tight seal makes for a superior stove! You also get a baffled fire box that makes the stove 20-30% more efficient then other stoves, by forcing flames to go around the baffle before exiting the firebox. This means more heat and comfort to you, and it keeps the heat in the fire box--not up the pipe! 
All Four Dog models allow you to burn less wood, have more heat with less work (= more time to relax and enjoy yourself). 
2. SAFER: The airtight door allows complete control of your burn. Close the air intake, and the fire is out--no run away fires. Baffle makes the stove safer by forcing flame and sparks to go around the baffle instead of straight up the stove pipe. Reduces chances of hot sparks or embers getting sucked up the pipe causing a fire or burn holes in the tent.
3. GREAT FOR COOKING: The baffle creates a hot spot on top of stove for cooking or boiling water. Without the hot spot made by the baffle, most of the heat would go up the stove pipe, forcing the stove operator to run the stove much hotter--which results in burning more wood, making more work, overheating the tent and increasing cooking times.
4. DURABILITY : The Four Dog Steel Stove shell is 13 gauge steel, with reinforced top and door opening. Door is 10 gauge steel. This stove is meant to take heavy use for years to come, and is built "mule tough" through and through.
5. LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BURN OUT: This means that your stove is guaranteed to not burn out--meaning the bottom will not burn through from hot fires or steady use. This is very important! Poorly made stoves (due to design or material choices) can literally have their bottom surface of the firebox burn out, or burn through. This is bad, and I guarantee you'll never have that problem with a Four Dog Stove. I build these stoves to last a lifetime and stand behind my work.
us-flagsmall.gif Handcrafted in St. Francis, Minnesota--USA

Product Videos

Four Dog Stove Details (13:05)
In this video, you'll see the features and attention to details that makes your Four Dog Stove a cut above the rest. Baffled interior construction, true airtight door, lifetime warranty against burn-out. Four Dog Stoves are made in the USA, in both cold-rolled steel and titanium models. (http://www.FourDog.com/view-all-tent-stoves). We've been building stoves for over 25 years, and continue to make the most preferred stoves for winter camping, outdoor wilderness adventures, hand-hauling, portaging, elk hunting, trapping and staying warm on the trail. Take a look at our stoves, and make room in your life for a Four Dog Stove--we'll keep you warm on the coldest nights, and help you create great memories on the trail.
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    In this video, you'll see the features and attention to detail...
  • How to Quickly...
    From carrying your Four Dog Tent Stove (http://www.FourDog.com...
  • How to Fire Up...
    This video shows you how to start a proper fire in your tent s...

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  1. Great Stove 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Nov 2017

    One of my hunting buddies bought a Three Dog with his new Davis tent last year. After seeing how efficient and controllable it was I had to get one. It is the highest quality product. The stove is heavy material, can't be warped by heat, the door is airtight, a great latch, and the air intake controls work perfect in controlling the heat. We spent 18 days living in a 12 x 14 tent with the 3-Dog this fall, in temps down to 8 degrees and lots of snow. The firebox baffle is an amazing thing too, so much heat back by the stovepipe to boil water. We warm a 4 quart tea pot back there in very short order, keep it warm on the shelf and have hot water for washing or cooking all the time. I have seen quite few other stoves, some other pretty good ones too. But these stoves are the best for sure.

  2. Quality stove 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2017

    Ordered this for Fall camping knowing that these stoves are in high demand so a) order quickly whenever they are offered for sale and b) be prepared to wait a few weeks as it's manufactured and shipped. Your best bet is to call to get info on when they will go on sale again and then order first thing that morning.

    I recently did the initial burn in to condition the high-temp paint and burn off the galvanization on the stove pipe. This stove is extremely well designed and made. The welds are solid and the fit and finish is great. The stove is truly airtight - I was able to completely extinguish a roaring fire by closing the damper - important for my peace of mind that I can shut it down before heading out hiking or hunting in the morning.

    A lot of thought went into the design of this stove. The catch for the door latch is slightly angled which means the door will continue to close tightly as the gasket compresses. The legs attach securely and quickly without threads or other fiddly bits. The firebox baffle is effective at directing the fire towards the front of the stove, making it more efficient (I can really feel the hot stop in front of the stove pipe) and reducing sparks - in fact, I had some difficulty burning off the zinc on the galvanized stove pipe, had to really stoke the fire to get all the zinc off on the section that is inside the tent. The stove pipe, shelf, and spark arrestor all fit inside the firebox for compact storage.

    I don't know why anyone would pay about the same amount for a mass produced stove w/o the baffle in the firebox and/or that is not airtight.

    Overall extremely happy with this stove. Well worth the cost and wait.

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