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Wilderness Skills Training


A 3 Day Course with Kelly Harlton


 26-28 October 2016  Camp Miller Sturgen Lake MN

Come for the course and stay for the Winter Camping Symposium 28-30 2016 being held at the same sight.


View Highlights From our March 2013 Wilderness Skills Course

Here's a video from one of our earlier courses:


You have a unique opportunity with this Wilderness Skills course

This is a chance for anyone with a passion for the Outdoors, to learn from the true skills of the Boreal Forest--Kelly Harlson--who has over 20+ years of experience instructing Wilderness Skills to people of all ages.

The purpose of this course is to give you 3 intensive days of full immersion with Kelly and his assistants, to help you perfect your wilderness living skills. These are skills that last a lifetime, and are a lost art in today's modern, hyper-digital age.

This course will make you a keeper of deep knowlege and traditional wilderness skills--skills that you can share with others and use in even the harshest survival situations. 

More about your instructor: Kelly Harlton

In this intensive, instructive immersion class, you'll work side-by-side with Kelly, learning to survive (and thrive) in the lap of Mother Nature, just as he has done over last 35 years.He has canoed, backpacked, fished, hunted, skied and snowshoed throughout Canada. Ran a trapline for two years.             Prospected and staked a claim when he was 17 and placer mined for two summers. Started and ran Wildside Wilderness Connection- instructing wilderness skills, survival, kayak and canoe trips.

He has attended and is co-instructor at Karamat Wilderness ways in Alberta, Canada. He has learned from and worked with Mors Kochanski for forty years and it is some time said he has been he's longest student.

You would be hard pressed to find a more passionate, generous instructor than Kelly.

You are sure to come away from this class with an appreciation and passion for living in the bush, that will be something you'll want to share with your family and friends--all of our students to date have had powerful learning experiences.

More about the course

Here's a taste of just a few things you'll learn during your time in the field, with Mors:

  • You will learn to live comfortably in Mother Nature, on an indefinite basis, with minimal dependence on modern technology.
  • You'll stay in primitive shelters of your own construction, and will cook over open fires, while learning proper fire making skills.
  • Days start early and end late--you'll be busy "doing" things to learn how they are done. This is not a sit-around-and-talk-about-it class. 
  • This is hands-on, from sun-up to sun-down.
  • After the sun goes down, you'll perfect the skills you learned that day, by reviewing and re-working them by firelight. This is also a great time to converse and share experiences--and to listen, as Kelly shares tales and spins a yarn about useful tips he's learned in the bush.
  • You'll also learn about shelter building, fire starting, snare making and countless other topics you can preview in Mors' Bushcraft book--which is highly recommended for your wilderness library.

Next Steps 

If you are serious about honing a lifetime of valuable Wilderness Skills, and want a "hands-on" experience, then this is a course you should take. If you just want to "get the t-shirt" and not do the work--skip it. This will not be your cup of tea.

This is bush camping, with hearty one-pot group meals cooked over the campfire. If that's you're type of deal, then we might just have a place for you, if you get to it before it's filled by someone else.

You will have plenty of attention from Kelly, and his trusted assistants. That is why we keep the course to 20 participants--we want you to learn and perferct your wilderness camping skills.


Class is limited to 20 people in total. 

This event is sponsored by Four Dog Stove Co. 

To register, please contact:

Don Kevilus
Phone: 763-444-9587
25909 Variolite Street NW
St. Francis, MN 55070

Or use the contact information on this website.

I look forward to seeing your down the trail!

-D. Kevilus 



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