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Four Dog portable camping stoves and tent stoves are the #1 choice for cold-weather overnight and wilderness camping enthusiasts

Since 1988, we have offered a complete line of wood-burning camp stoves, outdoor stove, expertly designed and proudly hand-crafted in St. Francis, Minnesota, USA.

Our tent stoves and camp gear has been trail-tested and approved by novice and professional guides, trappers, hunters, bushcrafters, long distance hikers and canoeists surviving in the harshest, coldest outdoor conditions in the Northern United States, Canada, and all over the world.

In side look on how we do it at Four Dog Stove

We get our name from the fact that, around here, the old-timers used to measure how cold it got at night, by the how many dogs they'd need on their beds to keep warm. 

Two dog nights are cold. Three dog nights are really cold.

Four dog night are bitter cold

Four Dog Tent Stoves keep you warm on four dog nights!

Right from the start, we built our outdoor wood burning stoves "mule tough" and we live up to that reputation by offering a lifetime warranty against your stove burning out.

From the heavy-duty Four Dog steel stoves, to the ultra-light & portable titanium tent stoves, and the featherweight 2.25 oz titanium Bushcooker LT for backpacking and extreme portability--all our wood stoves are built for rugged adventure.

We're certain to have the perfect outdoor stove that will both warm your tent, and cook your food, no matter how harsh the conditions are outside. 

If you're still trying to figure out which size stove you'll need, check out our handy wood burner stove selection tips here, to help you get started.

Our choice selection of camping gear, tent stoves, titanium backpacking stove, outdoor stove, SP titanium pot lids, Mors camp cookware, folding Bob's Bucksaw, hammocks and wilderness living essentials will put you in the lap of luxury when roughing it by foot, saddle, sled or canoe.

You can find our tent stoves in hot rolled steel or titanium models.  You'll find just the right size stove to keep warm and cooking, as you head on down the trail, no matter what the weather throws at you. 

My wife, Roxanne, and I look forward to helping you find a Four Dog stove that will give you years of great memories and happy times on the trail. Contact me if you have any questions about outdoor stove or wood burner stove, and I'll be sure to help.

-Don Kevilus

Please Note; We are small  custom shop, always have been always will be. Most items are handcrafted here in St Francis, MN by Steve my helper, my wife or myself. We spend most our time making things not in the office, or on the phone or answering email.

So at times it may take 7-14 days before your order is shipped or your email is answerd. Most questions can be answerd on the website or by my videos.Where not Amazon. We don't job work out, we still make things that work and work well.

So if you need it fast order early and you will have it. Don't wait to the last minute.

Enjoy the trail!

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