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3 lbs, 12 oz

"Harlton Cooker " Bush Camp Stove

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

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"Harlton Cooker"

Does the job of a big fire with a fraction of the fuel!

Cooking capacity for 4 People +


  • Dimension; 7 1/8" diameter x 8" tall
  • 5.5" x 5"' fire pot able to hold 1 lbs. wood!
  • Will bring one gallon of water to a rolling boil with one fueling of wood.
  • Weight; 1 lbs, 2 oz.
  • The Titanium ultra-light bush camping stove allows the user to use more fuels with less weight--in a manner never before achieved.
  • Tougher, lighter, & most efficient stove in its class
  • Excellent for backpacking, canoeing and wilderness travel.
  • 200 times more noncorrosive than stainless steel
  • Doubled walled design for high efficiency.
  • Updated rolled reinforced outer shell
  • Unique fan shaped grate
  • Ported top combustion holes.
  • Solid welded bottom
  • Stronger than steel, in the same thickness at half the weight
  • Titanium’s melting temp. is 3,200 degrees F
  • Titanium reduces warping and eliminates burn out.
  • A truly lifelong stove at a weight never before achieved.
  • Includes titanium ground protector.
  • Allows the user to burn alcohol/hexamine/wood/charcoal.
  • Will burn any biomass (wood pellets, cardboard, dung etc.)
  • Can burn those fuels in any combination.
  • Makes a little alcohol or Esbitt go a long way! 
One pound stove, with one pound of wood will bring one gallon of water to a rolling boil in less than 15 
Boling water test: 
Will bring 1 gallon of water to a rolling boil in 12 minutes with 1 lb. wood and simmer that water for 12-17 minutes.
Times is started when the match is lit. Using quick burn technique with 2 1/2cc alcohol as starter.
With 60 F water & outside air temp. 
No wind, wood used is air dried twigs @ 20% moisture.

Product Videos

Using Bushcooker Lt Titanium Stove in the Field (04:17)
Four Dog Stove Sponsors 3 Time Continental Divide Trail Backpacker - Tom Jamrog Tom Jamrog Writes: "I will be using Four Dog's Bushcooker LT1 multi-fuel stove kit. In addition, Four Dog Stove has provided financial support of maps, solid fuel tablets, and 55 days of Mountainhouse freeze-dried meals for the remote sections requiring food drops. Four Dog Stove is the major sponsor for my upcoming ( April 17, 2013) attempt on thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail, AKA " King of Trails". My connection with Don Kevilus and Four Dog Stove goes back 15 years, when I purchased one of his 11 x 11 x 22 titanium Ultralight tent stoves. I still use it to heat my 9 x 12 Egyptian cotton wall tent in the winter and fall on toboggan/snowshoe and canoeing trips. Since then, I've purchased saws, books, titanium pots, as well as the only titanium tent stakes made in the USA. I first met Don in Vermont at the Snow Walkers' Rendezvous. He had a vendor table there, where he sold his handcrafted stoves, as well as a variety of survival and outdoor skills-related tools, strikers, books, videos, and knives. I was intrigued by his newest creation, a small titanium backpacker's model. I inquired about a purchase and Don encouraged me to make my own. I enrolled in his half-day workshop on building my own twin-walled, secondary-burn multi-fuel stove. At the time I was backpacking with a highly modified ultra-light Sierra Zip stove, where the electrical components were the Achille's Heel of the unit, and the lure of no moving parts appealed to me. After I built the stove, I made more of them at home. I gave them to my friends and family for Christmas gifts. I used that stove on my 2007 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. In 2010 I completed a thru-hike of the 2,700 mile Pacific Crest Trail. This time, Don provided me with a Bushcooker LT 1, a 2.5 ounce single-person alcohol, solid-fuel, and wood/charcoal burning titanium unit that that nested in a Snow Peak Trek 600 ml cook pot/mug. An alcohol fuel cup, a windscreen, and my MSR coffee filter also fit in the mug, capped by a custom titanium lid. Don recommended welding two titanium tabs to the top of the cup that secured a wired bail handle to the pot, for moving it in and out of campfires as well as on and off the stove itself. The stove performed flawlessly, boiling up two to three times a day for 156 days. What convinced me that I had the best unit out there was when my traveling companions used mine whenever they ran out of fuel and were unable to locate isobutane canisters for their Pocket Rockets or Jetboils. Five years ago, Don presented at Snow Walker's again. This time, he asked me if I would serve as an assistant in his build-your-own Bushcooker class. I agreed, and learned a lot, mostly what-not-to-do, and how things can go wrong. I also became more skilled at explaining the details of the stove, and learned additional assembly tricks and tips. As part of the course, Don has also expanded what he calls his "Potology 101" talk, a working presentation of facts and table-top examples on the current use of biofuel for cooking on the planet ( over 2.4 billion people), with practical physics of heat values of the fuel types, and the science of heat transfer and efficiency when the flame meets the base of the pot. In 2011, I assisted in sales and stove demonstrations at the Four Dog Stove booth at Appalachian Trail Days in Damascus, VA. Since then Don, has encouraged me to offer these build-your-own stove workshops here in Maine, where I have sold-out two of the adult-education programs in the past 6 months. Don continues to provide me with a custom fabricated, titanium base plate that we use in assembling these units. Simpler is better. Read more on Uncle Tom's Blog: http://tjamrog.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/four-dog-stove-sponsors-uncle-toms-cdt-hike/
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  1. A real keeper 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2020

    The quality of craftsmanship on this stove is excellent. It is large enough to do some real cooking because the area inside is large enough for bigger chunks of wood which means you can get a good coal bed. I made a modification so that smaller pots could be placed on the cook stand. This is excellent for ATV camping where you have more room to carry things. Not a backpack stove due to the size although it is lightweight. My new favorite biomass stove.

  2. A powerhouse 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2019

    A powerhouse, my new favorite for bigger groups. This works great. It weighs just over a pound, plus 2 oz, and is bulkier than Don's other little stoves, so it is not what you would ordinarily call ultralight. But it delivers so much cooking power that it seems a great deal for both weight and size, and it cooks for more people with ease. If you have a group to cook for or much snow/water to melt/boil, this is terrific. (The only disappointment was that the titanium heat diffuser that fits the other stoves was too small for this one.)

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