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Our Newsletter

My wife Roxanne, and I, would to thank all of you for your interest in our products (outdoor wood burning stoves and backpacking stove).

For over 25 years, we've been designing, making and using tent stoves and cookers, and have over 50 years of field experience making outdoor items of the highest quality and workmanship--all designed for heavy outdoor use--and all made in the USA.

You can feel confident that the wood fired stoves we make will bring you many years of enjoyment, because we build them to be "mule tough", so that they will give you decades of reliable use.

We put a little bit or ourselves in everything we make, and we won't ship a outdoor wood burning stove to you, until we know it will work just right for you. 

In a time when so many companies sell items that will not last, or are not of durable nature, we do just the opposite: we make hand-crafted products meant to last a lifetime, and maybe even longer.

I make all my wood fired stoves as if my life depends on it, because I know your life depends on them when you're out in the bush. And that's a big honor.

In the bush, there are no warranty centers.

Your gear either works, or it fails.  

My products are made for hard use, and are designed to work well in even the harshest conditions. 

When I was sixteen, I started working mules and I learned fast that short cuts and poor gear get you hurt.

I apply that same idea to my tent stoves and bushcookers: I take the time to make them right, and get all the bugs out of them, because I know that the worst conditions are when you'll need your tent stove (and other gear) to work the most.


#1. EVERYTHING is made to order. There are no waiting lists. I announce product runs right here. If you want one, get your order in by email. They may sell out. 


#2. There is no production schedule. I build 32 highly involved outdoor products, all year, from any of unique materials. My job is a ballet of disaster. 


#3. Rush orders are unlikely. If you're in timely need of a item consider a substitute for your rapidly approaching season. 

#4. No custom work, prototyping, or tweaking items from other companies. My brain is full. So is my work table.

#5. There is no wholesale or dealer pricing. Period

#6.There are no coupons or "Specail Sales" . To be fare we charge a fair price to all.


Roxanne and I take great pride in knowing that you'll get years of great, reliable use from your outdoor stove, and all of our featured products. 

We hope that you will be able to pass our Four Dog products on to your kids and grandkids, as you share fond memories with them along the way.

So, we thank you--our old customers & hopeful new customers--for allowing us to have meaningful work, doing something we love, and for letting us make things you can use and enjoy!


-Roxanne & Don Kevilus