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  • BushcookerLt I multi-fuel stove

"Bushcooker Lt I" Bush Camp Stove

1.00 LBS
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Product Description

Four Dog Bushcooker LT-I Titanium Camp Stove 


The Bushcooker titanium ultra-light stove lets you use more fuel sources--including Esbitt, alcohol and wood--for flexibility on the trail.

Tougher, lighter & the most efficient fire of any stove in its class.

Four Dog's been making the finest titanium trail stoves since 1999--and we won't stop now!

Dimensions: 3"3/4 diameter x 4" 3/8 tall.  Weight: 3.6 oz

Weight and material specifications:

  • Resists corrosion 200 time better than stainless steel
  • Double-walled design for high efficiency
  • Unique fan shaped grate delivers efficient burn and gassification of wood
  • Ported top combustion holes
  • Stronger then steel , in the same thickness at half the weight
  • Titanium’s melting temp. is 3,200 degrees F (compared to 2,600 F for steel)
  • Titanium reduces warping and eliminates burn out
  • A truly life long stove at a weight never before achieved
  • Solid titanium bottom
  • Alcohol stove/ solid fuel support included
  • Allows the user to burn alcohol/hexamine/wood/charcoal
  • Will burn any bio-mass (wood pellets, card board ,dung etc.)
  • Can burn those fuels in any combination
  • Makes a little alcohol or esbit in to a lot !
  • Fits in the  SP700 mug and Space Saver Mug for transport

Water boiling test results: 
Your Bushcooker will bring 16oz/1/ liter of water to a rolling boil as follows:       

  • 16oz/ 1/2 liter of water to a rolling boil in the following times;
  • Times is started when the match is lit.
  • Using quick burn technique with 4cc alcohol as starter.
  • With 60 F water & outside air temp. No wind
  • Wood used is air dried twigs @ 20% moisture
  • 1 oz of wood, 6 min rolling boil, 6 min simmer.
  • 3/4 oz, 21 cc alcohol, 7 min rolling boil.
  • 1 Esbitt tab (14grams heximine) 5 min 30 second rolling boil.
You'll love the portability and convenience of this bio-mass stove. It packs light (3.6 ounces) and nests into a larger cook pot or kettle.
Because you can burn bio-mass, this stove truly lets you get off the grid and still cook with amazing speed. 
Water boils quickly with just a small handful of twigs. Add Esbitt or alcohol if you have it--mix and match to suit your tastes.
Throw this stove against a tree, and it'll bounce back and ask for more. It's build mule-tough, just like all Four Dog products.
Get yours today, and get out on the trail in style.

Product Videos

Bushcooker Lt Titanium Multi-fuel Stove Overview (02:32)
Titanium multi-fuel camping stove by Four Dog Stove Co. [http://www.FourDog.com] Made in the USA This portable titanium stove will burn alcohol, esbit and any bio-mass. Plus, it fits into most cooking pot--like the Mors Camp Pot (http://fourdog.com/1-8-qt-mors-camp-pot/), which is the cooking pot I recommend for most uses on the trail. This bushcooker is built to work in tough conditions--and is so efficient that you can boil water with just a handful of small twigs. Toss your bush cooker against a tree, and it'll bounce back for more use. Step on it? No problem. Because it's made from titanium, it is twice the strength of steel in the same gauge, at half the weight. The bushcooker is a great stove choice for backpacker, canoeists, ultra-light camping, and cooking without the need for bringing along a fuel source. Check out this video, and let me know what you think--by leaving a comment below. See you down the trail!
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  1. Exactly what I was looking for. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2019

    Was looking for a small stove that would be very solid light and contain ashes for safety purposes, this stove is exactly that. The stove works amazingly, produces very little smoke if used correctly and burns wood very efficiently. When I'm done using it you can't even tell there was ever a fire there. Great for leave no Trace camping and hiking. Also a cat can alcohol stove will sit perfect at the top of this stove.

  2. Bush cooker LT 1 stove 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2019

    Very well constructed. Weight, dimensions, and construction as advertised. Time required to boil water as advertised. Quite stable due to relatively wide conical base. I use it with Esbit fuel, and virtually no ash remains in the bottom of the stove (completely combusts). If you don't have a suitably sized cook pot to store this stove inside, then the four sharp prongs that support the pot will be a hazard to whatever they come into contact with in your backpack. This stove is certainly more efficient than some of the simpler Esbit stoves, BUT even with this stove the Esbit WILL soot up your cook pot quite considerably. Make arrangements to either clean your pot each use, store it in some type of bag, or get soot on everything it touches. The stove itself does not soot up hardly at all - the soot seems to condense on the cool pot surface. Within those limitations, this is a very well designed and constructed stove that should last a long time. The wind screen is basically a curved sheet of titanium, and it is effective and well constructed.

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