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  • Two Dog DX steel stove shown here, with optional water jacket. Note: one side shelf (shown) comes with your order as "standard" equipment. You can order an additional side shelf (for two total) as one of your options as you put your order together. This stove has not yet been painted black (as your stove will be) with high temperature stove paint.
  • The front of the door has a large air intake, that you can damper down and choke down to control the speed and heat of your burn. This door is airtight, and built to last your for years and years to come.
  • View of the airtight door and fiberglass gasket with the stove door close. You can see how well this seals. Having a true airtight stove door makes your stove much safer, and more efficient--two features you'll want to have in your tent stove!
  • You're seeing a front view of the airtight door design that comes standard with your Four Dog model stove. Note the solid door closure and air-flow control on the front of the stove, giving you complete control over your fire.  Close the air intake, damper and door, and your fire will fully choke out.
  • You get a true airtight door with your Four Dog stove--in all our models. Note the fiberglass gasket, applied with both high temperature cement and metal clasps for durability and a decades of reliable use.
  • Inside the firebox, on the top of this picture is the baffle design that is standard on Four Dog model stoves. You'll notice the baffle helps your stove burn more efficiently, with less heat going up the stovepipe--plus, you can cook more efficiently over the "hot spot" the baffle creates on your stove top. This makes your Four Dog a great cooking and heating stove.
  • Your stove comes with one side shelf as "standard" equipment. You can order another shelf as an added option when you order. If you cook a lot, two shelves come in handy for keeping a mess of food hot and ready to eat--you can put the optional water jacket on when you're done cooking, so you have hot water for clean up and hand washing.

Two Dog DX Camp Stove

38.00 LBS


Product Description

Two Dog DX Camp Wood Fired Stove 


Stove Specifications:

  •  Dimensions: 11” wide x 11 “ tall x 18” long , 1.25 cf fire box
  •  Will heat up to a 8’ x 10’ wall tent, or 10’ x 10’ pyramid tent at –30 below
  •  5" flue opening at top of stove for 5" stove pipe
  •  4" 1/2" oval insert works best for stove pipe insert in tent
  •  Includes transport handles and one removable side shelf
  •  12” removable legs to keep your heat down where it belongs   (They can easly be shorted to a custom length with a hack saw)
  •  Welded heavy-gauge hot-rolled steel construction
  •  Airtight fiberglass gasketed door
  •  Large fire box, baffled to reduce heat loss & aid in cooking
  •  Suitable for wood or charcoal
  •  Excellent cook stove
  •    Optional stove pipe set up for Tentipi # 9.                                                                                                                Includes 8 section telescoping stove pipe, damper and stove pipe pass through sleeve.
  •  Painted black with high temperature stove paint
  •  Will hold a fire all night
  •  Legs, stove pipe, side shelf & water jacket store in fire box for transport
  •  Excellent for wall tents, tipis, yurts & canvas tents.
  •  Often copied. Never duplicated--I've been building these for nearly 30 years!
  •  Fixed USA Shipping Cost : add $65.00
  •  Fixed European Shipping: add $275.00 per stove-
  • This is the only model steel stove I can ship to Europe 
  • PLEASE NOTE: I no longer make or offer Water Jackets, use a tea kettle it's allot cheaper.


5 Reasons to Get a Two Dog DX Steel Stove: 

1. MORE EFFICIENT HEAT: True airtight door with a high temp gasket for a air tight seal makes for a superior stove! You also get a baffled fire box that makes the stove 20-30% more efficient then other stoves, by forcing flames to go around the baffle before exiting the firebox. This means more heat and comfort to you, and it keeps the heat in the fire box--not up the pipe! 
All Four Dog models allow you to burn less wood, have more heat with less work (= more time to relax and enjoy yourself). 
2. SAFER: The airtight door allows complete control of your burn. Close the air intake, and the fire is out--no run away fires. Baffle makes the stove safer by forcing flame and sparks to go around the baffle instead of straight up the stove pipe. Reduces chances of hot sparks or embers getting sucked up the pipe causing a fire or burn holes in the tent.
3. GREAT FOR COOKING: The baffle creates a hot spot on top of stove for cooking or boiling water. Without the hot spot made by the baffle, most of the heat would go up the stove pipe, forcing the stove operator to run the stove much hotter--which results in burning more wood, making more work, overheating the tent and increasing cooking times.
4. DURABILITY : The Four Dog Steel Stove shell is 13 gauge steel, with reinforced top and door opening. Door is 10 gauge steel. This stove is meant to take heavy use for years to come, and is built "mule tough" through and through.
5. LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BURN OUT: This means that your stove is guaranteed to not burn out--meaning the bottom will not burn through from hot fires or steady use. This is very important! Poorly made stoves (due to design or material choices) can literally have their bottom surface of the firebox burn out, or burn through. This is bad, and I guarantee you'll never have that problem with a Four Dog Stove. I build these stoves to last a lifetime and stand behind my work.

us-flagsmall.gif Handcrafted in St. Francis, Minnesota--USA

Product Videos

How to Fire Up Your Wall Tent Stove--by Four Dog Stove (05:57)
This video shows you how to start a proper fire in your tent stove, and get the most efficient burn from your harvested wood. Four Dog Stoves (http://www.FourDog.com) specializes in building efficient, solid and proven portable wood stoves, that are guaranteed against burning-out or failure. We've been making the #1 preferred camping stove, for canvas and wall tents, since 1988--and we love helping you get outdoors, to enjoy wilderness camping, and the peacefulness of nature.It's critical with a wall tent stove that you learn how to build an efficient fire, and then learn how to keep your stove "fed" properly, so you get a clean-burning flame, and the most heat from your wood. If you do it right, building an efficient fire can deliver up to 20% more heat than a poorly built fire, meaning you spend less time cutting wood, and more time relaxing. The Four Dog Tent Stove is designed to burn efficiently, which also helps reduce the wood you need in the bush.I like to use a "Swedish Fire Lay" technique, when building a fire. That's the technique I demonstrate in the video. Basically you layer your fire, starting with larger wood on the bottom layer, and ending with the smallest stuff on top. Check out the video for full details.Keep in mind, a good wall tent stove is only as good as your ability to light and maintain a good quality fire. This quick video will help you build a great fire, every time--keeping your warm, happy, and making great memories when you wilderness camp.See you down the trail!
  • How to Fire Up...
    This video shows you how to start a proper fire in your tent s...
  • How to Quickly...
    From carrying your Four Dog Tent Stove (http://www.FourDog.com...

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  1. Two Dog Stove Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Sep 2017

    I am very impressed with the materials, design, and workmanship of the Two Dog Stove. Certainly not a lightweight item at 38 pounds, but it is very stable,and having things like the baffle designed in make it a premier item. A FIVE STAR stove.

  2. Peace of mind with added efficiency 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Mar 2017

    Set up my Two Dog in our fireplace and turned the heater way down. I decided on a wood stove for three reasons: 1) Gas bill was exceeding $150 a month (just the gas portion of our PG&E), 2) Wood stoves are way more efficient than a fireplace and with a trip to the Home Place and half a Saturday, I was able to easily customize the fireplace to prevent all our heat from going up and out and 3) in the possible case of a utility disruption (west coast earthquake, for instance) we'll have the means to heat the home and heat some water for food. I'm by no means a prepper but it sure is nice to have a little insurance policy in place for that possibility. Anyway, the stove itself is pretty sweet. Heats our place to a cozy sauna-level warmth when I really let her rip. The air-flow control let's me dial it down for a longer, more efficient burn, keeping the house warm well into the night. Solidly built, affordable (it'll have paid for itself by the end of next winter), portable (wait, what? The wood stove I grew up with was NOT portable), made in America by folks who actually know what cold is...Yeah, I'm super happy with the Two Dogger. Hella Five Stars.

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